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Bay City Rollers - Purely Pictures Trivia

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1. From what city do the original Bay City Rollers come from?

2. Who did Ian Mitchell replace in the Bay City Rollers?

3. What is Leslie McKeown's middle name?

4. Which Roller is now a nurse?

5. Who is the only Roller NOT from the United Kingdom?

6. What song was the Bay City Roller's SECOND biggest hit in America?

7. What group did Ian form immediately after leaving the Bay City Rollers?

8. On what United States television show did the Bay City Rollers make their North American debut?

9. Who is the oldest of the original Bay City Rollers?

10. Who is the youngest of the original Bay City Rollers?

11. Which Bay City Roller wore a silver I.D. bracelet?

12. Which Bay City Roller was the FIRST to pierce his ear?

13. Which Bay City Roller album was their last one with Leslie?

14. Which Bay City Roller this year was in a serious motorcycle accident, but continues to recover daily?

15. Who were the two main original Bay City Roller song writers?

16. Eventhough, he was not credited, Pat McGlynn did play and sing on one of the Bay City Roller albums in the 1970's before he left the group. Which album?

17. Which Bay City Roller is also known to play the mandolin and viola?

18. Who was the Bay City Roller's manager?

19. Which Bay City Roller has three brothers named Ronnie, Harry and Bryan?

20. The Bay City Rollers did a taping of the American television program called The Mike Douglas Show in Florida in 1977. What city in Florida did that taping take place?

21. Who were the five Bay City Rollers at the time of the taping of The Mike Douglas Show?

22. Which Bay City Rollers' wife is named Denise?

23. What album did Duncan Faure first appear on as a Roller?

24. What was the name of the 1981 movie that Alan, Woody, Duncan and Derek were in?

25. What song did Leslie remake later, still as a Bay City Roller, from the Dedication album?

26. If anyone knows why he remade this song, please let me know?

27. Which Bay City Roller album, when you open it up, lists the original Rollers and their bios?

28. Who played the drums for the Bay City Rollers?

29. Which Bay City Roller was in the hospital in the 1970's undergoing surgery for, I believe nodes, on his vocal chords? His hospital buddy at the same time was Stuart Woods, who was in for another operation.

30. Which Roller sported a moustache during the recording of the Elevator album?

31. Which Bay City Roller's birthday is March 19th?

32. Two of the original Bay City Rollers have green eyes. Who are they?

33. Which Bay City Roller does a Japanese bride belong to?

34. On the Elevator album, what is the longest song?

35. Which Bay City Roller has been married twice?

36. Which two Bay City Rollers began the group?

37. Which Bay City Roller appeared in a pair of jean shorts on the Midnight Special program with the other Rollers in the 1970's?

38. Who did Les replace in the summer of 1972 as the lead singer of the Bay City Rollers?

39. What was the name of the Saturday morning show the Bay City Rollers did?

40. Who were the five Bay City Rollers at the time of the taping of the show in 39 above?

41. Which two Bay City Rollers were known for smoking cigaretts?

42. Where was the album Dedication recorded?

43. Currently, what is the name of Duncan's group?

44. Who sings on "When Will You Be Mine?"

45. On the Rock N' Roll Love Letter album, four of the five Bay City Rollers are standing, which one is down on one knee?

46. In December's 1976 edition of Tiger beat, the Bay City Roller's manager admitted that two of the original Bay City Rollers experienced very depressing periods in their lives and came close to dying. Who were they?

47. Which ex-Bay City Roller, at the time, recorded "We Made It Last Summertime" as a solo artist in the late 1970's?

48. Which Bay City Roller claimed to be mad about tropical fish?

49. Which Bay City Roller wore platform shoes with his initial on the shoes?

50. What were the two Rosetta Stone albums called?

51. What was the last album Derek played drums on as a Roller?

52. What state is Bay City in?

Thanks to all you Rollermaniacs!

I will send you the answers via e-mail.


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