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Hymns For Different Professions

Just imagine, sitting in church among all diffferent individuals with different occupations. Next imagine these individuals visualizing their occupation and somehow applying their jobs to the hymn they may be singing in church. Here are just a few of the possibilities they may come up with:

Dentist's Hymn:
"Crown Him With Many Crowns."

Contractor's Hymn:
"The Church's One Foundation"

Baker's Hymn:
"I Need Thee Every Hour"

Weatherman's Hymn:
"There Shall Be Showers of Blessings"

Ophthalmologist's Hymn:
"Open My Eyes That I Might See"

Tailor's Hymn:
"Holy, Holy, Holy"

IRS Hymn:
"All To Thee"

Shopper's Hymn:
"By and By"

Teacher's Hymn:
"Be Still and Know"


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