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How did this happen you say?

Well, all along Petey (green and yellow male) made his home in the living room and had free access to fly anywhere in there all day. Where Chipperet (blue and white female) shared her home in the confinds of the bedroom along with my two tiels.

Today I had Chipperet out and she was sitting on top of the tiels cage and Petey was out in the living room. Unbeknownst to me, I left a crack in the door of the bedroom and Petey found his way in there and then he found his Chipperet. Instant love.

Instant digitial camera taking also. These are the first pictures of Petey and Chipperet together. Take a look at Chipperet's eye, she is so excited and was having a tizzy meeting her mate. That is Zeb my male cockatiel looking on from his cage.

I hope I am not too cruel to say, this meeting did not last very long. I do not want the two together, as both have developed separate loving personalities which they share with me. For them to be together, I am afraid they will lose this, and I will be a unhappy camper.