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That is right. Who do you go to when you have problems? I go to God. Anything that concerns me is important to God. Took me awhile to understand that concept, but once realized, the freedom of knowing that God cares about every little thing (I mean every little thing) in my life released my faith in going forth and being transparent with God. That is what He wants! He wants us to be TOTALLY honest with Him. Like I said before, "you are not going to shock God with whatever you tell Him, and He is certainly not going to fall off His throne by what you express to Him." God has heard it all before and understands. That is how deep deep deep God's love is for us. If it is hard for you to understand how much God loves you, you are not alone. I always want to "Feel" love, but in realitiy, sometimes, it is not there. Still I know that God is love and that God loves me. That is all that matters whether I can drudge up emotions of love or not, I know God unconditionally loves me. With that, I am comforted, knowing I do not have to have an emotional "love" experience towards God, but know in my heart that I do love Him with or without a feeling.

Even if you do not feel like talking to God, because you are ticked-off about something, someone, yourself or even God, still do. Express to God how you feel. Tell Him you are ticked, you hurt, whatever is going on....tell Him. He wants you to share!

He is the best psychologist around and the cheapest as He does not charge for His time. In fact, He is always available 7/24/365.

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