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Don't you at times want to know what God has planned for your life? Come on, if you are honest you would say yes. I certainly do. Would not it be just great if the Lord would give you a "blueprint" of your life in order to show you exactly what He has planned for you? Wouldn't you love it? I certainly would.

Oh, but don't we find out that the Lord does not work that way. Why do you think? It is easy. It all comes down to just two words we hear time and time again, "Faith" and "Trust." If we did not have the faith to trust God with all of our needs, without us knowing how He would do it, we would not grow spiritually as Christians in Him.

Do you know what God is setting you up for in life? Learn to trust Him. No matter how scared or intimidated you may be in attempting something new in your life. Put your faith into action.

Use the example of trust and faith of Peter getting out of the boat to walk towards Jesus.

You can't successfully operate in the trust/faith mode by having the water jump into the boat and you walk in there. It does not work that way.

Remember that God does have your blueprint, and as the head contractor, He is in control.

I will try and remember that God holds my blueprints and I will trust him and step out in faith. Now I can go back home with assurance.

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